Learn about the key features of the software and how to use Dyssol for the flowsheet simulation of your processes!

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Graphical user interface

Dyssol has a GUI allowing you to create and configure flowsheets and analyse simulation results.

Professional design - we are constantly working on making Dyssol as user-friendly as possible

Available in Windows and Linux operating systems

Multidimensional material properties

The simulation of solid processes is an incredibly complex task. The biggest challenge lies in the description of the particles themselves, because each one is unique and has its size, shape, composition and other interdependent properties.

Dyssol enables to describe materials with any number of different interdependent properties and to change them in operational units

Dynamic processes

Dynamic process simulations become increasingly important to guarantee efficient plant design and product quality. Dyssol can simulate time-dependent processes.

Enables investigation of e.g. process stability, start-up and shut-down behavior or batch and semi-batch processes

Custom Model Maker

Many processes are very individual and need their specific mathematical description. With the Model Maker you can easily implement, test and validate your own models in Dyssol. For this, only basic C++ knowledge is required.

You can also use the DyssolTEC service and we develop and implement your models for you

Implemented units

Check out the process models which are already implemented and ready-to-use in Dyssol

You are missing a specific process model? Contact us to discuss the implementation possibilities!

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The journey of Dyssol

Dyssol brings together years of collaborative research with industry and academia

Start of DFG project SPP 1679

First prototype of Dyssol presented

Finished DFG project SPP 1679 with many implemented models and solvers

Dyssol for Windows published

Dyssol for Linux published & start of DFG project extension

Founding of DyssolTEC GmbH as a maintainer and developer to drive Dyssol's future

Kick-off of Dyssol-Consortium for technology transfer with industry partner BASF and Evonik

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