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Backed by Institute of Solids Process Engineering and Particle Technology at TUHH


Dynamic Flowsheet Simulation of Solids Processes

with basic Open-Source version

Our partners and users

Dyssol is an attractive tool for our solids production processes to gain a deeper understanding and to push our operations to their limits. With DyssolTEC, we have found a strong partner for future cooperation!
Prof. Dr. Frank Kleine Jäger
Vice President - Solids Formulation and Handling

Set up your flowsheet with Dyssol!

Flowsheet simulation is used to describe the behaviour of production processes, optimize them, develop control strategies or design new products. The flowsheet simulation software Dyssol focuses on modelling solids processes. The challenge here is related to the interdependence of such distributed particle properties as size, shape or moisture, which Dyssol can handle by design. In addition, the modelling framework allows the simulation of dynamic processes to investigate their stability, start-up and shut-down behavior in continuous, batch and semi-batch modes.

The go-to solution for the industry

The flexible dynamic models and extensive customization options make Dyssol to the perfect solution for process simulation in a multitude of industries


Dyssol enables QbD and continuous manufacturing by time-dependent dwell times and the ability to predict product quality


Many downstream processes like crystallizer, spray dryer, and fluidized beds are already implemented


Process units like spray dryer, crystallizer, granulator, agglomerator and separator are included


Many comminution and separation units are available


We implement your custom process models for you

Implemented units

Dyssol comes with a set of base process models already implemented and ready-to-use.

Battle tested process simulation units. Used by research and industry partners since years

Constant improvement and extension of units through continuous feedback loop between our development team and users

We implement your custom process models for you

Innovation through

We provide engineering teams with the best software for flowsheet simulation of solids processes

Free & open-source

The open-source base version of Dyssol is and will stay free to use for everybody.

Multidimensional properties

Flowsheeting with bulk materials is very complex since every single particle has its own size, shape and moisture content or composition. Dyssol enables multiple bulk properties besides the size distribution.

Dynamic models

Dyssol provides the possibility to consider time-dependent process behaviour by default.

Sequential approach

Each unit is solved individually, which makes it possible to describe very complex units for which equation-oriented frameworks are not capable.

Adjust existing units to your needs

The source code can be customized with little C++ knowledge.

Build your own units with our Models Maker

Use our Model Maker to code your own models that perfectly represent your processes.

Work with Dyssol experts

DyssolTEC provides comprehensive services around the flowsheet simulation software Dyssol

Software & Support

We offer a comprehensive service around Dyssol: from help with the installation, introduction to the simulation system, implementation of new models, databases or interfaces to the development of customized Dyssol versions with exclusive usage rights for you.

Custom models

In Dyssol many units are already implemented but if you need custom models for your specific processes, we can develop and implement them in your own licenced Dyssol version. We can also help you integrate your own existing models into the software.

Consulting & Training

You want to get to know Dyssol and get a general idea how flowsheet simulation works? We provide workshops and trainings (on-site and online) and can customize them to your specific needs.

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